11×14 oil on canvas Moab Utah

I finished this painting really late last night. I hoped to get it done earlier, but it ended up being a very hectic week and I had to clean up my “painting studio” so the family could use the dining room table for a few days. There is a slim possibility that I’ll add some bushes or twigs to the left side mid ground. So, this might not be quite as finished as I thought. I’ll sleep on it.

This painting was a test in patience. I was a little frustrated by the necessary layers to achieve texture in the sand. I kept trying to force the texture to happen immediately but it only came together after many layers over many days. I had to wait until the next day for each layer to be dry enough to paint over, when I just wanted to finish it. I prefer to working in oil the majority of the time. The long working time is the main reason I prefer it but it requires patience which I don’t always have. I do like the fresh eyes taking a daily break gives. Sometimes a painting just doesn’t look right so I stop and come back to it the next day. Usually it looks better by the time I get around to painting on it again. That may be the case with this painting.

This picture is really a glimpse into my childhood. It’s taken on the hill just behind my grandparent’s house. If I took the picture standing instead of lying in the dirt, you’d see their pool right below. I spent countless hours as a kid roaming the hills behind their house with my sisters and cousins. I think they best thing about that time was that it was free. There wasn’t any supervision or rules except the ones we made up ourselves and we only returned to the house when we were hungry, tired, thirsty or ready to swim again. My own kids are still a little young to freely explore, but I hope to provide them with the same experience when they’re ready.

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