May Update

My birthday was a few days ago. My sister-in-law and best friend, decided that she was going to hang out with me all day and have me teach her to paint. It was a really fun. I wasn’t sure I could talk anyone through a painting, but I feel like I did a good job and she did an excellent job, especially considering she doesn’t paint. I’ve been wanting to paint with someone for a while because I find it so relaxing and fun and wanted to share that experience.

Cloud #15

Trying to explain a technique and the reason behind it to another person is a good activity to conciously think about what I’m doing and why. That isn’t something that I normally analize and think about so it was refreshing.

Cloud #16

Despite a long, but very fun painting session, I still didn’t manage to finish a painting. I have one that is relatively close that I’m having a hard time with and two others that are started. I also have the second installment in my portrait series started. I haven’t worked on it much, but I’m getting excited about seeing it progress.

Cloud #17

I don’t do underpaintings for landscapes. I just start slapping on paint. With portraits, I try to get a good likeness using raw umber and turpentine before moving on. This is only the third portrait I’ve done ever so it’s still a very difficult process for me. My second portrait isn’t a true likeness yet, but I will continue to chip away at it.

Portrait #2 – Underpainting

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