Pasagshack Beach Sunset #2

8×10 oil on canvas, Pasagshack #2, Kodiak, AK

You may remember this painting from my posts Current Works in Progress and May Update. It has come a long way since then and taken on a different feeling. While it didn’t come out the way I expected, I like it anyway.

After a while of living in Kodiak, AK, I began to be a bit disappointed by the sunsets. The city side of the island is SE facing so while you get nice sunrises, the sunsets are mostly hidden by mountains. I almost never saw sunrise because sleep is a prized commodity when you have a toddler. So we made a special trip one evening to watch the sunset from a better location.

On this day we were out at Pasagshack and just down the road a ways from Fossil Beach. This is a nice beach with a creek cutting across the sand on its way to the ocean. I don’t know the name of this beach. If anyone actually knows the name, I’d love to hear it.

This painting is the second I’ve done from the same beach. They’re very similar, but I think I’ve gotten better since painting the first one last year. I’ll probably paint a few more over time because I just love the view.

8×10 oil on canvas Pasagshack, Kodiak, AK

This last painting is from the last pictures I took that same day. My husband had talked me into leaving and as we were, the view got better so I made him pull over. As a result, this picture was taken a little way up the road from the beach from a higher vantage point. It’s interesting to me how it has a completely different look and feel even though it was taken from just above the beach. I took a ton of pictures that evening, but these three may be the best.

8×10 oil on canvas Pasagshack, Kodiak, AK

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2 thoughts on “Pasagshack Beach Sunset #2”

  • My suggestion is to stop using black. Instead use a very dark blue (Prussian Blue) for the darkest areas.
    When I look at clouds the dark areas are actually purple. If you want a grey, mix it with white, red and dark blue. I like your compositions but mix your colors I think you’ll be happier with the results.
    Best regards, Bill Reed

    • Thank you for your suggestion. I never used black until about a year ago. I got so sick of mixing it while doing a large b&w portrait that I finally bought some. I’m probably using it too much out of convenience.

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