Acquiring New Source Material


I almost feel bad. Almost. I haven’t really posted anything really new to my blog, or really participated in blogging or painting in a few weeks. I was on vacation in Hawaii though, so I don’t feel that bad about it. Now I’m tasking myself with the challenge of getting back to work. I have some new and really beautiful source photos to work from so I’m excited to get at it.


As excited as I am, it’s hard to get back to work after vacations. I built some stretcher bars before I left as I mentioned in Painting Over Old Paintings. This week I managed to put the canvas on them and prep them for new paintings. I won’t be painting anything from my vacation for a while. My printer ran out of ink while printing a daily checklist (an attempt to organize my daily efforts) and I wasn’t able to get any photos printed.

After a bad combination of no time and procrastination when there was time, I put some effort into the Fisher Towers painting. A break from this painting was really what it needed. I was able to finally make progress. I wasn’t able to get a picture before this post unfortunately.


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