Framing Art without Brackets

Framing Art without Brackets


I visited the Halele’a Art Gallery in Kaua’i when my husband and I vacationed there summer 2016, and came across an ingenious way to hold the canvas in the frame. The artist or framer (I don’t know which) used strips of canvas in each corner in the place of brackets to hold the painting in the frame. The framed art was sitting on an easel at the entrance and while the artwork itself was stunning, it was the way it was framed that really stuck in my memory (likely because it solved a problem for me). I didn’t take a picture of it, but was able to reproduce it nonetheless. It seems like a good way to use up little canvas scraps too.

Jenifer Prince “The Rope Swing”

The artist Jenifer Prince also caught my eye. She is a plein air painter living in Kaua’i and her work is absolutely beautiful. Plein air painters always astound me. They work so quickly and achieve such beautiful results. I’ve always been a slow studio painter and plein air has always been very intimidating to me. I’m interested in trying it just to see what I could achieve, but I’m afraid my efforts will fall flat.


Incidentally, this was the view from our tent when we were camped out in Kaua’i. We camped in several locations, but this was definitely my favorite beach. Beautiful, quiet, and great snorkeling.

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