Oil Painting Portrait – Part 5

Oil Painting Portrait – Part 5


I don’t have much to show this week. I’ve been working on a surprise painting that I can’t show until it reaches its destination. So while I did work on my portrait some more, I spent the majority of my painting time working on the surprise. I’m at least happy with the work I did get done on my portrait. It could probably be done in the near future as long as I don’t put it on the back burner again.


Over the last few months, I’ve been painting with my sister-in-law, Crystal. She had painted a little with acrylic paint, but I talked her into trying oil painting. She ended up loving it! It was a huge struggle actually finding the time to paint together due to crazy schedules, kids, and life in general but she finally finished her rooster painting and it looks great! I’m really proud of her for sticking with it and doing so well.

We’re going to start another painting soon. And I’m excited that we’ll be painting similar subjects this time. She’ll be painting a portrait of her dog Betty, and I’m going to start a portrait of my mother-in-law’s dog Trigger. I plan on giving it as a Christmas gift along with a portrait of her other dog Dopey. They’re going to be surprises too, but there isn’t much danger to posting them since my mother in law avoids using the internet as much as humanly possible.

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