Black Dog Paint Along – Part 2

Black Dog Paint Along – Part 2
My Painting: Betty is looking good, but the background looks like poo.

Crystal and I have made some good progress on our paintings. We’ve actually gotten together more often than I expected and we might actually get our paintings finished soon.

I think I finally figured out most of my problems with the dog, but now I need to fix the background. It was originally blue, but that was too much. I tried to warm it up with brown, but the blue wasn’t dry and it turned into a gross green. I’m considering a warm grey or neutral orange.

Crystal’s Painting: Looking really good!

I’m impressed with how well Crystal is doing. She figured out the far eye and the nose is coming along. During our latest painting session, we talked how interesting it is that our paintings look so different despite painting the exact same picture. I really love how different they are.

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