Selling Art

Selling Art


8×10 oil on canvas, Hell’s Revenge Jeep Trail, Moab UT

This week I posted a handful of paintings for sale in a local Facebook sales group as well as to my personal page. I’m proud to announce that I’ve sold a painting. While it isn’t my first sale, it is my first sale to someone other than my mother-in-law. The next big sales milestone will be to sell to someone I don’t know. I’m a little sad that one of my favorite paintings will no longer hang on my wall, but it feels really good that someone loved it enough to spend their hard-earned money on it.

Over at Fine Art America, I uploaded some paintings for the print on demand service. You can access my store within my website by clicking on the store link in the menu bar. There you can find prints and greeting cards.

I’ve been looking into,, local events and locations to also offer my work. I’ve also recently come across a widget I can use to sell directly through my website.

I would love to hear from other artists about their experiences selling art. What works for them and what doesn’t. Thank you. I’m looking forward to your responses.

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