Onions with a Side of Drama

Onions with a Side of Drama


8×8″ oil on canvas “Perceptible Empurple” by Amber Honour

I finished this painting right after posting last week. I was so excited to use the nice purple I mixed up that before I knew it, I was signing it. This is my first completed painting in 2017 and I think I’m really starting the year off right.

Since I have a whole series of roughly 30 still life paintings in mind, I started the next one on the list. Within the larger series are several smaller series consisting of 3-9 paintings. I decided to start with one of the smaller series to get my feet wet. This specific mini series will be 3 red onion paintings. There is so much visual depth to red onions. There is nice variations in color, texture and shape that I’ve found very satisfying to paint. I wish I had included more red onions in my series.

2nd of 3 red onion paintings, in progress

It’s getting close, but it needs… more. It’s lacking in refinement and the foreground is way too light. However, I love the colors. I painted the foreground light semi on purpose because I’m excited to use my new paint eraser again. It’s a tool with different shaped rubber tips on each end that is used to lift paint off the canvas. I’m really awful at painting a nice flowing signature, so I’m using the paint eraser to write my name in the wet paint. The results on the first onion painting are really nice.


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