Sixth Apple Still Life – Sliced Not Diced

Sixth Apple Still Life – Sliced Not Diced
8×8 oil on canvas “Sliced Not Diced”


This is the 6th in my apple still life mini series. Only 3 left. Yay! I was pretty excited to paint this one since I just love the idea of it. Plus, with all of the cuts it was more of a challenge than some of the simpler apples in the series so far. The Red Onions were far more engaging than some of these apples.

Left: Not very successful; Right: Semi-successful, good composition

Last week my family went on a short 4 day backpacking trip in Utah. It was my first backpacking trip, but I took my little watercolor set anyway. It really helped pass some time at camp on the day I didn’t hike. I even found some charcoal from an old campfire and used to darken up some of my shadows. All in all I’m a fan of both backpacking and plein air painting. I could use a lighter pack next time for sure though. The plan is for another trip sometime this summer with just me and my husband. No kids to play sherpa to and hopefully a much lighter pack and more painting time.

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