Eighth Apple Still Life – Bushel of Fun

Eighth Apple Still Life – Bushel of Fun
8×8 oil on canvas “Bushel of Fun”

I’m in the apple home stretch! Only one more apple still life left and the mini series will be complete. Not only that, but the walls in my studio are filling up. I’ve never filled up my walls before so I’m actually really proud of myself for being so productive. I’m working on making some Etsy listings to hopefully start selling some paintings. I plan on getting it up and running next week along with the completion of this mini series.

This painting looks very similar to the 5th apple still life. I probably should have moved another slice to catch the light. I like this painting anyway. It doesn’t look repetitive in the group. My favorite part is the light you can see shining through the top slice to illuminate the stack of slices behind.

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6 thoughts on “Eighth Apple Still Life – Bushel of Fun”

  • Nice piece of light in this one. One more to go! You are gonna have to build you a canvas/painting holder thingy cuz you gonna run out of storage space otherwise.

    • That’s a good idea! I need to sell a painting to pay for it though and a few other paintings to pay for the paintings… 😉

  • My favourite part of this painting is the seed in the foreground (and those little light catching bits you like too) – nice one.
    Curious about the canvas/painting holder thingy that dawnmarie mentioned; I’m beginning to wonder how to store my paintings too… they’re only little, but because they’re not all stretched canvases, I can’t hang them on a nail, so they’re propped up on shelves all over the place… space shortage coming up!

    • Thank you! I have a rack for small paintings in progress and panels but it only holds 8. It’s actually a rack for pan lids that I got for almost nothing at a thrift store. I need something that’ll hold a lot more and that can also accommodate large paintings. I was thinking of using one of those semi-industrial looking metal/wire shelves that you can get at big box stores. I have a few ideas saved on this Pinterest board https://www.pinterest.com/mulambo28/art-hacks/ . Most of them seem to involve peg board and dowels.

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