Cornona, Please!

Cornona, Please!


Sunset at Corona Arch in Moab, Utah.

I have a tendency to complain about where I live. I was born and raised in Moab so I take it for granted. It really is a beautiful place assuming you can claw your way through the crowds to see it. It used to be better. Fewer people, less trash, less traffic. The same could be said for all overexploited destinations.



So many people can pose a challenge to photographers. I’m not a fan of unintentional people milling about in my landscapes. Photo editors require too much skill and patience than I have so I aim to keep them out of the shot entirely. If there aren’t too many people, I can explore interesting angles and not photograph them. There was a bus full of people at the arch this day that I disguised with rocks and plants.

It could be a blessing in disguise. Being forced to use more dynamic angles also gives me more interesting photos. It also means I don’t get the typical shot. Which I already have in this case. Plus, there’s nothing like laying down in the dirt and cactus* for a photo while tourists stare at you like you’re a weirdo.

*Pliers are invaluable hiking gear in the desert for removing cactus and stickers.

2 thoughts on “Cornona, Please!”

  • This is a great take. I like the idea of turning it into a challenge. I’ve seen the same old picture of corona arch a million times. That first one you posted with the cactus is my favorite!

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