Sepia Spring

Sepia Spring


Sometimes one forgets they left their camera in sepia mode after playing around with settings and then takes a whole batch of photos in sepia. This wouldn’t happen now as I exclusively shoot in RAW, but back in the day before making the switch I made this mistake. I still like the photos, but I wish a few of them could have been in color.


It’s unfortunate that I screwed up the camera settings because things were just starting to turn green. As soon as I got home I realized my mistake. Luckily, most of the photos look just fine the way they are. It even adds to some of them.


Too small for the rides. Sigh. I’m usually a stickler for a level horizon, but sometimes it’s better when it’s off. The above photo is one of those times.


This last photo is one of my favorites. Another beautiful day in downtown Kodiak, Alaska. Its one that I think is helped by the lack of color. It simplifies a busy image that would be dominated by the mish-mash of different boat colors. The hillside wasn’t quite green yet either and I think the sepia disguises that fact.


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