Onion Flowers

Onion Flowers

Green onion flowers in the garden. After this picture my husband and I each ate one. Not a good idea! They’re really spicy. Not in a peppery way, but in a horseradish or wasabi way. The big challenge now is remembering to harvest for cooking.

2 thoughts on “Onion Flowers”

  • I love these flowers – they’re like little surprise packages – in more ways than one, by the sounds of it (I’ll think twice before munching into one!). Ever thought of painting these? Flowers are still on my “Attempt One Day” painting list.

    • I hadn’t thought about it too much, but these could look really neat in a large format. I’ve painted a couple of flowers in the past and I plan on eventually painting more. It’s just a matter of getting to it. Too many subjects, not enough time. 😉

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