Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black
8×8 oil on canvas “Orange is the New Black”


This painting is available for sale in my Etsy shop.

Sometimes I get lazy when I paint. I try to capture an object with the simplest shapes/paint strokes possible but it rarely works out for me. This week’s laziness was focused on the texture of the orange. I just kept soothing everything out when it really needed anything but. After a while of struggling with not liking what I was producing I realized I was being lazy. Once I attempted to put in the texture, it all started coming together and I  mostly like the result. I just kept messing with it though and got a bit of mud. This is a moment where I just had to call it done and be done.

I didn’t take any before pictures of the room but here is a work in progress shot that shows the original wall color.

On top of being lazy, this painting had the additional challenge of a studio remodel that took up a lot of my time. The studio remodel meant everything was boxed up or under plastic most of the week. I demolished a wall, did some drywalling, and repainted the whole room a nice warm light grey. The room is a whole lot more spacious now and the wall color is much better for art. I’ve already noticed a huge difference in color accuracy in my work in progress shots. Before, I was color correcting each photo and the few I’ve taken since haven’t needed any corrections. I was also worried that the predominantly blue room (blue walls and blue carpet) was negatively effecting the colors I was mixing for the paintings themselves, although I think the effect was very minimal.

My studio, freshly painted, perfectly clean, and organized.

This room serves several purposes. It’s a guest room, music room (for the hubby, his guitars are right behind me in the picture), painting studio, and photography studio. Studio photography lights, I’ve recently discovered, are very, very nice lights to use while painting. I was struggling with not always having great light, especially in the evening when natural light isn’t an option. These lights are super bright and with the soft box, not harsh at all. They use daylight bulbs in them so they’re a neutral light (neither warm or cool). I plan on using them for still life set ups later on also. The photography setup is a new addition. I got it a few weeks ago so I’m still learning how to use it. I love that it can pull double duty though.

2 thoughts on “Orange is the New Black”

  • Ohhhh… I have light envy in a BIG way! I love your photography lights and yes, they’ll be great for still life set ups. I battle with changing light scenarios on a daily basis (daytime vs evening, cool lights vs warm lights) – it’s next on my To Do List for making painting easier. Good to see all your completed apple series there in the background too!

  • I honestly didn’t think they’d make much difference, but I really love the neutral bright light. I love looking at my paintings, but I’m going to run out of wall space before the year is out. Crossing my fingers some sell eventually.

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