Orange you Glad? The Complete Orange Trio

Orange you Glad? The Complete Orange Trio
8×8 oil on canvas “Orange you Glad?”


This orange went by pretty quickly. As it usually is the case when I struggle with one painting, the next one is a breeze. I like to think I learned something in the struggle which is why the next one is almost always easy. This painting is available for sale in my Etsy shop along with the other orange paintings in this series.



The oranges all look good, but the final one ended up more yellow than the others. Mainly, it’s because there is much more light shining through the orange without its peel, but part of it was just me. I simply didn’t make them match.Oh well, I still love these oranges. They were pretty fun to paint. Fun enough that there will be many more oranges in the future. But first, more onions. Yellow onions this time.



This is a lesson. Don’t spill your very dirty walnut oil on your palette. It’s bad. This just isn’t my week. A day before this incident also dropped a painting on my palette.

This week was great (read with heavy sarcasm)! I knocked over my little jar of cleaning oil directly on my palette. It immediately started spreading towards all of those little blobs of paint along the top so I picked it up and did the only thing I could think of to save the paint. I dumped it on the table. I was able to salvage most of the paint including the white, lemon yellow and mixed blue from within the spill zone. All of the perfectly mixed colors in the middle were too thin and saturated with dirty oil to save.

I’m thoroughly impressed with those blue towels. Four of them, including the three in the picture that were already semi saturated from before the incident, soaked up about a cup of oil. I’m also grateful for my wonky, uneven, crappy, broken table for having just enough of a warped edge to keep all that oil off of my lap. And here I was, just a few days ago, thinking I should get a nicer looking table for my new and improved room. Silly me. Apparently, I need my wonky table to protect my lap from horrid oil spills.

4 thoughts on “Orange you Glad? The Complete Orange Trio”

  • Oh my goodness! What a bummer but love your “silver lining” with your wobbly table! You add drama to all your work including the oranges and can’t wait to see more onions. I absolutely love painting fruits and vegetables, although I’ve only shown a few with my one hour daily painting — which feels a bit too rushed for me to produce something that I really like. Anyway, you’re work spurs me on to working more creatively🎨

    • Thank you! All of these fruits and veggies were supposed to be done in a 30 in 30 challenge but I just couldn’t make myself rush them. So I didn’t. I think I’m a lot happier with the results of not rushing. It did take me 6 months to just get past the half way mark though.

  • I am so impressed by your knowledge of light and values! And you’re very brave to use oil! I’ve never tried it but it seems so intimidating. Watercolor is an easy option for me 🙂 I love seeing your paintings in my feed!

    • Thank you so much! Oil is super easy! You almost can’t mess it up and if you do, you just wipe it off. Watercolor is the medium that intimidates me. It’s so different than oil that most of my tries are just failures.

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