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Onion Still Life Photography

Onion Still Life Photography


I’ve been doing a lot of studio still life photography lately. A few days ago had to buy and photograph a whole bunch of hot peppers for a commission. It got me thinking that I should start buying veggies at the store every time I go, specifically for still lifes. You can’t always find what you’re looking for at the grocery store though. Vegetable in their straight from the ground state are a rare find. For instance, I’ve always loved the look of onions with their tops as well as the flower balls they make. I got lucky though. My mom just happened to have some in her garden that she let me take after I mentioned photographing food.



You may have noticed by now that I have a thing for dark and moody. I absolutely love moody lighting. If you hadn’t noticed, pop on over to my still life gallery and you’ll see that all of the paintings I’ve done this year feature dark and moody lighting. I’m seriously considering these photos for some larger format still life paintings. That would be a lot of black though.



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