oil paintings and photography by Amber Honour

Bunkers in Spring

Bunkers in Spring


Something Old


One of my favorite things is abandoned old structures. All over the island of Kodiak, Alaska are remnants of World War II. Most of the concrete structures are showing their age, but still pretty solid. The one in the picture above is a massive structure built into the hillside. I wanted to look inside more, but it had a very creepy feel to it and I didn’t have a flashlight. Anything could have been in there. And by anything, I mean a giant grizzly bear. But there was probably only spiders. Probably.


Something New


It was a really nice day though. The trees  were finally starting to get leaves and I found a neat looking old can. Someone took the liberty to use it as target practice at some point as was too lazy to pick it up. Aside from all of the really neat old WWII relics rotting about, the littering people would do really got under my skin. It’s such a beautiful place in practically the middle of nowhere. But where there are people, there is litter. It’s unfortunate.


Something Between

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