oil paintings and photography by Amber Honour

Photo: 4th of July Fireworks

Photo: 4th of July Fireworks


It’s that time of year again. Summer heat, popsicles, the red white and blue, and of course fireworks. Happy Independence Day! For me, this day is all about family barbecues and trying to capture fireworks on camera. I’ve only managed to get decent photos a handful of times, but this year I’m really excited because it’s the first year I will be trying with my Canon 6D. It’s better in low light and has a faster shutter and processor than my previous camera which was a Canon Rebel t3i. Which really wasn’t horrible, but I had outgrown it to a certain extent.



I’m certainly not a master of firework photography and only have the opportunity to practice maybe once a year. It’s fun to try to capture them though. I’m excited to try out my new gear this year and see what kind of results I get. My location plays a big role and I’m not always in control of where I get to set up. It’s based largely on family gatherings so we’ll see what I get. These photos are from a few years ago and probably my best firework photos to date. I really love the smoky, eerie quality of some of them.



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