oil paintings and photography by Amber Honour

Sulfurous Orb Yellow Onion #2

Sulfurous Orb Yellow Onion #2
8×8 oil on canvas “Sulfurous Orbs”

This, the second onion, makes me think of a planet. I’m not sure exactly what about it makes me think that, but it’s just very out of this world. This painting is available for sale in my Etsy shop.

This little guy was a breeze to paint and I finished it durning a recent painting spree. During the spree I painted over 10 hours in 5 days and finished four paintings, made good progress on another, and started two more. It was a good week. Especially considering I usually paint a lot less and only finish one painting a week. The push came from the need to get ahead in paintings so I can still post while I’m on an upcoming vacation. Plus, it’s always good to be a little ahead just in case I’m sick, busy, or just plain lazy.

I was so productive, that I think I’m going to try to make it a regular thing. I noticed that the more often I paint for extended periods, the more effective I am at painting. Which leads me to think I should really strive to be a daily painter if I really want to continue to achieve my painting goals.

One of these days maybe I’ll even finish a painting in one session. Big dreams. 😋

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