oil paintings and photography by Amber Honour

Needles Overlook During a Storm

Needles Overlook During a Storm


The Needles Overlook of Canyonlands National Park offers stunning views of the park. Most of the time it’s not too exciting, but go during a thunderstorm and you’re in for a treat. It was amazing and a little exciting watching the lighting in the distance, but as the storm moved nearer, we had to leave. The evidence of lighting strikes nearby was in evidence.



The rest of that very thick beam was roughly 20 feet away in a bush. I think they should have left it like that. But unfortunately, the next time I visited the overlook it had been fixed. Like it had never happened.



The power of nature can be fascinating. What isn’t is the camera I took these photos with. I wish I could go back in time with my current camera and retake these photos but it just isn’t possible. I love the photos anyway and they bring back some good memories.



Maybe I’ll try to make it a point to visit again this summer if we get any good storms. So far it’s hot and dry. No summer storms in sight. But I’ll keep my fingers crossed.


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