Perspective in the Desert

Perspective in the Desert



Find the dog. The dog is a reference to how big the area is because otherwise it could look small. It could mean that house crushing boulder on the left looks a little less impressive. Those boulders on the right like inconsequential little rocks. Perspective is everything.



The first and last pictures are made up of a whole bunch of photos (over 10 each) while this one is just one. I just love seeing the reflected sky  in the rock. I really wanted to get up to the top and see the other pond I knew was up there but there just wasn’t anywhere to get up. And I’m really not a rock climber so that was out. Plus my dog throws a fit when I go places she can’t follow. She almost always finds a way though. I used to joke that my dog might be part mountain goat. Although, now that she’s older, she is more and more just a regular dog.



Looking back over the pond. The cliff wall makes it all seem so tiny. But seriously, three people standing on each others shoulders would barely reach the top of the boulder on the right. Perspective of scale is a problem in the desert. Everything is so big it’s hard to accurately judge just how big some things are when you aren’t right up next to them. So in photos without references everything can seem smaller than it really is.

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