Artichoke Still Life Commission Completed

Artichoke Still Life Commission Completed


8×8 oil on canvas “Eat Your Heart Out”


This is the first of several artichoke still lifes I have planned to finish up my 30 small still life series. I haven’t yet decided how many of these I will paint. Either 3 or 6, but based on interest so far it might be more rather than less. I also haven’t decided if I will continue with these small still lifes. I have tons and tons of ideas for them, but I’m interested in branching out a bit. At least working in different sizes for sure.

This painting sold before I even started it. One of my sister-in-laws saw the photo and requested that I paint it for her, so I did. My mom also really wanted it, but said she might buy one of the other ones in the series. I hope she loves one of the others as much as this. Who knew artichokes would be so popular. I know they weren’t too popular with my kids, who had to eat artichoke a few nights in a row so my props didn’t go to waste.

Unfortunately, you won’t be seeing another artichoke for a little while. I completed this one out-of-order to deliver it in a timely fashion. I’m looking at my blog post calendar and the next artichoke painting should be painted and posted in September. I will have also reached my goal of 30 still lifes by then. It will also mean that I finished one painting every week almost every week so far this year and doubled the number of paintings painted from last year. Now that is progress.

Photos of this painting in progress can be seen on my Instagram account.



Rest in peace, Chester Bennington. Your art will continue to inspire my own.


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