Whiskey has been a part of my family now for a week. I briefly mentioned him in my last painting post. It has really been an exhausting week too. My older dog, Shanzi, hasn’t been a puppy for 10 years and I’m reminded of how similar they are to babies just learning to walk (just faster and more destructive). I’m even waiting for nap time to get things around the house done. Potty training is going well. I installed a bell next to the door that he very, very quickly learned to ring when he wanted out. The trouble is, he wants out all the time. I’m now thinking I maybe should have waited until he was actually potty trained to introduce it.



The other training is going pretty well too. He is learning sit, down, up, spin, stay, leave it, drop it, play dead, roll over, shake, look at me, and come. The Zak George dog videos on YouTube and they have help immensely with training and use very humane methods. Once Whiskey has a little more energy, I plan on doing fetch and leach training to wear him out.



Expect lots more photos of this little land shark. I’ll be doing my best to capture lots of adorable pictures of him, if I can keep up with him that is. He’s all over the place now, I can only expect him to be even more rambunctious as he gets bigger.



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