Bear Sighting

Bear Sighting


On a drive up to the mountains with my husband and kids last weekend, we got to see a sow and two cubs right from the road. This was my first ever bear sighting in Utah. I watched one of the cubs climb down from the tree it was in before running off with its sibling. The mama bear only made a brief appearance as she made a quick dash across the road to reach her cubs. Her timing was a little off and was almost hit by an approaching vehicle, but luckily it all turned out well. Unlike last nights episode of Grame of Thrones, Beyond the Wall. Ugh, they are so screwed. So very screwed.


2 thoughts on “Bear Sighting”

  • Nice ‘Game of Thrones’ reference. 🙂
    My husband and I went to the US (we’re from Canada) to hike in the Green Mountains and the Adirondacks recently; I was nervous we’d spot a bear, and luckily we didn’t. Were you nervous or more in awe when you made the sighting??

    • I was more pleasantly surprised than anything, definitely not scared. I was really nervous/scared the first time I saw a bear while on foot in Alaska, but it just looked at me and went about its business. The first time is definitely the scariest, then you realize that most of the time they go out of their way to avoid you.

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