8th Yellow Onion Finished

8th Yellow Onion Finished
8×8 oil on canvas “The Spice of Life”

For some reason, I thought it was Tuesday all day today. I very leisurely varnished this painting and set it aside to dry. Then tonight as I put the kids to bed, realized that it was in fact Thursday and I hadn’t taken any photos, written a blog post, made an Etsy listing, made a redouble listing, or made Instagram posts. Total fail. Better late than never! Here is the 8th yellow onion and the second to last onion in this mini series of 9. This original oil painting is available for sale on Etsy and prints are available on Redbubble.

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    • Thank you! I wait until a painting is dry to the touch which is anywhere from a few days to a week. I use Grumbacher retouch varnish for this first varnish because it allows the painting to continue to dry while giving the painting an even gloss and some minimal protection. After 6 months to a year I use a final damar varnish.

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