Genesee Country Village

Genesee Country Village


I was apparently still in still life mode on a recent visit to the Genesee Country Village and Museum in Mumford, New York. Most of my photos consist of all of the beautiful old paraphernalia people used to keep in their homes. It is a beautiful living museum with actors portraying the people who would have lived at the time. The actors could be found cooking, sewing, tending livestock, printing, etc.



Unfortunately, a lot of the really neat areas were roped off and I wasn’t able to get the most pleasing angles for most of my photos. I’m still pleased with most of what I got anyway. Although, exploring some of the upstairs areas of some of the homes would have been pretty cool. I also found out later that there used to be a lot more going on there, but it has declined in recent years.



The drug store was one building that I would have loved to be able to get up close in. If I had been thinking, I would’ve bought my long lens for some more dramatic up close photos. It would’ve been especially useful since the wall of glass jars was so very pretty and so very far away. I was able to crop this nicely enough though.



Some of the buildings had really beautiful old, handmade glass in the windows. When cropped close it looks very abstract.



Don’t be too surprised to find this as a painting at some point. I love all of the textures and light.



The light in this pantry… I probably took more photos of this than was strictly necessary. And speaking of pantries, wouldn’t it be so nice to have a pantry that big with that many shelves? My own three shelf pantry leave a lot to be desired.



The woman making cheese wasn’t allowed to share any with us, but walked us through how to make a hard cheese. It actually sounded very doable, not that I’m going to start making cheese anytime soon. I have too many hobbies as is.

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