The Long Awaited Second Artichoke

The Long Awaited Second Artichoke
8×8 oil on canvas “Heart of Gold”


Well, I told you I’d paint more artichokes eventually, and here they are. For whatever reason, people seem to absolutely love the artichokes. Maybe it’s because the hearts are so tedious to paint. Getting all of those thin lines perfectly shaded is a serious pain, but worth it. The first artichoke sold before I started painting it and the one I’m going to finish next has also been sold. If you still have your heart set on an artichoke, this is the only one available for sale on Etsy. Prints are available on Redbubble.

I had to take a little extra time to get this one finished which is why I didn’t post it last week like I originally intended. The puppy has been keeping me on my toes and bad allergies have been a major pain. No luck taming the allergies, but I think the puppy and I are coming to an agreement. I give him lots of good things to chew on in the studio and he takes a nice long nap after chewing. As long as I don’t wake him up, I can paint for a couple of hours.

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