oil paintings and photography by Amber Honour

Foggy Day in Kodiak

Foggy Day in Kodiak


I do believe fall has arrived and with fall comes bright oranges and yellows as well as fog. I love foggy days. It’s something I really miss about living on the coast. While it does occasionally get foggy in Moab, it only happens very occasionally. These photos are from a quiet day in Kodiak, Alaska, several years ago. There aren’t too many roads on the island, but the roads it does have are beautiful. I’d seen it all on bright, sunny days plenty of times, and it was fun to get out on a foggy day and experience it. It always feels very quiet and cozy on those days.



The fog makes things like this more interesting. It’s just a rock, but for whatever reason it makes me think of a fist. The two eagles sitting on it weren’t even identifiable until I got the photo in Lightroom. When I took the photo I thought they were a part of the rock. It didn’t help that they didn’t move once when I was there.



My favorite thing about Kodiak was the animals. I see some here and there around Moab, but a handful of times a year hardly compares to every day sightings. Although, it isn’t always a pretty sight and can be very dangerous at times as well. I still miss seeing them.



This poor whale washed up a some point that week. Something had clearly been at it already. I didn’t get very close or stay long since it smelled horrendous. The next day, another photographer got some photos of a grizzly bear eating the whale. In a series of photos that particularly stick out in my mind, the bear grabbed an eagle out of the air. I can’t for the life of me remember the name of the photographer or find the pictures, so you’ll have to take my word on how awesome they were. Timing is everything in wildlife photography. And powerful zoom lenses.

In looking for the photos, I came across a very similar incident at the same whale much later when it had decomposed to just bones. In this incident the bear attacked an eagle that was going after a cub.

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