First Snow in Fall

First Snow in Fall


In the first days of October this year, me and my husband went up to the mountains for a little hike to see the fall colors. I think we were a little early though. Despite being early, we also managed to catch a snowstorm, which was unexpected fun. I don’t know what it is exactly about hiking in winter, but I absolutely love it. I suspect I live in the wrong region. πŸ˜‰



On the drive up, we started seeing snow in the trees and were fortunate enough to catch sight of some wild turkeys. The silly birds ran along the road for a good while before disappearing into the undergrowth. I am impressed with their camouflage. When I was going through my pictures, I had to really hunt for them in a few pictures.



At the lake, the snow really started to come down. We hadn’t expected to hike in a snowstorm and were slightly under prepared. While we had warm jackets, we failed to bring gloves or hats. So we only hiked for a little while, but it was still really enjoyable.



My dog, Shanzi, running back down the trail to catch up with us slow pokes. Her coloring really helped her blend in. In a rare moment when she stood still, I actually didn’t see her until I was right next to her and she started to run again.



I don’t know what this plant is, but it always stands out to me because in both the summer and winter it always seems to have a mixture of colored leaves.



Heading back to our truck, we were treated to this pretty view. I just love the low clouds obscuring the rest of the mountain. We were lucky not to have to share the area with anyone else. Normally the lake shore is crowded with fishermen and dogs. Without all of the people, it was very quiet and peaceful.



The turkeys were on the road once again as we were leaving. I thought they’d run faster, but we were crawling along behind them. Eventually, they few up into the tops of some trees and I was really impressed with how big these birds are and how well they flew.

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