Cornona Arch in Winter

Cornona Arch in Winter


These photos are from a Corona Arch hike my husband and I took last January. It’s just barely cooled down this week and there hasn’t been any hint of snow yet, but I really wanted to post some more timely looking photos of the area. I realize I’ve already posed this hike at least one other time, but we actually hike it relatively often so I have a ton of photos from here.



One really obvious sign, to me anyway, that the area has gotten popular is the rock stacks. Several years ago, none of these stacks were here. I don’t really understand the rock stacking fad. I makes sense to mark the trail, but then people go overboard with the stacks and the trails get confused or areas like this just look… cluttered. I’m not saying I hate the look of stacked rocks, I think it’s more of a less is more situation.



I occasionally geocache, and was on the hunt for the cache this day, but didn’t find it. It has the oh so helpful description of in a tree near the stacked rocks. Oh well. Most of the descriptions around here involve stacked rocks and trees. We ended up finding something else far more interesting later in the hike.



Atypical arch shot. I took the typical arch shot too, but I liked this one more. I love the face. Since the trail itself is relatively short and we had some extra time to kill before picking up the kids, we walked the train tracks with the intent of going to another trail. Along the way however, we had the extremely unexpected experience of finding a gun next to the tracks and cut our hike short.



We weren’t comfortable leaving it there for someone else to find so I took a picture of it and we turned it into the Sheriff’s Department. I think they thought we were messing with them at first since finding a gun like that is so unlikely. But they took a lost property report and months later it was claimed by someone from out-of-town. What really baffles me is that there were no consequences for this guy. Leaving a gun lying around like that in a public area is extremely irresponsible. At the very least, I wouldn’t have given it back to him.



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