Third Alla Prima Pumpkin Attempt

Third Alla Prima Pumpkin Attempt
7.75×7.75 oil on canvas “Let’s Get Smashed”


Ok, the ugly truth is I haven’t yet succeeded in an alla prima painting yet. I have made some serious progress toward it though. This one was done in less than two hours and only two layers. The part where I really saw the improvement was the second layer. It required a lot less fixing than the previous two so… progress. I’m actually really enjoying these fast paintings too, which is a very unexpected bonus. I thought I’d be a lot more frustrated with it than I am. I have a few paintings that I’m really taking my time on and I’m far more frustrated with those than these. Maybe I’ll turn into an alla prima painter after all. 🙂

This painting will be available for sale on Etsy in a couple of weeks when it’s dry-ish and has a coat of retouch varnish. For now, prints are available on Redbuble.

2 thoughts on “Third Alla Prima Pumpkin Attempt”

  • Yea! It’s great when you can see progress in your work, isn’t it? My favourite part of this painting would have to be the green stem of the far right pumpkin as the light hits it. You’ve done well to complete it in less than two hours – was that from absolute start to finish??

    • The little bits of progress are so satisfying. I think my favorite part is the stem of the back pumpkin. I just love the way it twists. Yup, less than two hours from sketch to highlights. Never in my wildest painting dreams did I ever think I would ever paint something this fast that I actually liked.

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