January 2018: 30 in 30 Challenge – Days 1-4

January 2018: 30 in 30 Challenge – Days 1-4
#1 6×6 oil on gesso board “Flower Cup”


I finally started a real 30 in 30 challenge. I will paint one 6×6 inch alla prima painting every day for 30 days. I waffled back and forth about whether to start now or wait until February. February is when Leslie Saeta would be hosting a challenge, but I had already made my plans and didn’t realize it had been delayed until December 31st. I’ll probably do this challenge again and will participate in the hosted challenge then. For now, I’m on my own.


#2 6×6 oil on gesso board “Petrie”


My original plan was to stick to a theme which I had spent a bit of time working on but I was literally bored with it after the first painting so random shit it is! My theme was kitchen stuff, but it turns out, I’m not very excited by the dishes I found in my cupboards. I really like how the first painting turned out, but it’s definitely one of the more interesting dishes I own, so it was only going to get worse.


#3 6×6 oil on gesso board “My Stapler”


I’ve spent the majority of my painting career (I say that like I’ve made money or something… I haven’t) painting on canvas, so it has been a bit of a transition to gesso board. I can’t say for sure whether I like it or not yet. It’s definitely different. I can see the advantage of using it for smaller art since you can enlarge the image without it looking obviously enlarged. Excessive texture of the canvas can be a little distracting on really small art so I may continue to use it for small art.


#4 6×6 oil on gesso board “Clampers”

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