Sledding in Moab

Sledding in Moab


Moab isn’t really a great sledding area, but we try. We got around 8 inches of snow before Christmas so we made the most of it before it melted. The pup Whiskey was thrilled with the snow once he realized it wasn’t going to kill him. I practically had to toss him out the door that very first morning though. He also didn’t mind his fancy new coat once he connected wearing it with hiking. I wasn’t going to buy him a coat, but the poor thing was cold. I think he’ll do better next year when he has some muscles and maybe a little fat to keep him warm.



These photos are from a couple of days after the snow fell and it was already melting.. You can tell from the icicles hanging off every bush. Now, the snow is mostly melted and only really hanging on in the shadowy areas. I’m crossing my fingers for more snow, but the sprinkle on the ground yesterday morning is probably all we’ll get and that melted by noon.



Looking back at the Moab Valley, you can really see that superb air quality. While it isn’t the greatest, I’m just glad I’m not in Salt Lake. The air quality up there is abysmal right now. I seriously struggled to breathe during a two-day trip up there last week. It makes the little inversion in Moab seem not too bad.



Another shot of the hubby being an awesome dad, dragging the kids on the sled, and our old dog Shanzi trailing behind. My old dog has really slowed down but she still insists on going. We only take her on short hike now though. A few months ago Whiskey was struggling to keep up with her, but now she can’t keep up with him.


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