January 2018: 30 in 30 Challenge – Days 5-11

January 2018: 30 in 30 Challenge – Days 5-11
#5 6×6 oil on gesso board “The Kraken”


Number 5 started out as something completely different. I spent an hour and a half working on that painting before finally deciding I hated it and wiped it. I’ve only wiped a canvas once or twice before, so it was a really hard decision. The Kraken bottle was a lot more interesting to paint and I had fun with it, which is good because it took another several hours to get it finished. Painting with the flu is really crappy. I have to keep stopping to go lay down.


#6 6×6 oil on gesso board “PolarEyezd”


Number 6 was harder than it needed to be. I painted it once, hated it, wiped it and painted it again. All of this while I’m super sick and miserable. I’m seriously crossing my fingers tomorrow is better because I don’t think I paint very well when my face is throbbing with congestion.


#7 6×6 oil on gesso board “Canvas Chompers”


By day 7, my flu had finally let up a bit and I think the success of the painting shows it. I probably should have just spent this whole challenge painting tools. I actually really love painting the metal, the odd shapes, and the reflections they cast. Expect to see more tools.


#8 6×6 oil on gesso board “Hammer Time”


Number 8 wasn’t too bad. I had to substitute screws for nails since we somehow didn’t have any nails, but it all worked out just fine. I knew I’d paint this hammer at some point and I’m relatively satisfied with how this came out.


#9 6×6 oil on gesso board “Umbrella-ella-ella”


Number 9 was a bit of a bust. I was too sick to paint it all on the ninth so ended up finishing it the next day. This flu I have has really been a pain in the butt to work around. I’m still not better, but slightly improved. I still have to stop a lot to go lay down and paintings are taking a lot longer to paint than they should. I’m kicking myself in the butt a little for not putting this project off until February.


#10 6×6 oil on gesso board “Rusty Blue”


Number 10 and the second one I finished on the 10th. One of these days I won’t be sick anymore but I’m really happy with this painting anyway.


#11 6×6 oil on gesso board “Wrenched”


Finally, number 11. It was really difficult, but only because of my massive congestion headache. I’m crossing my fingers the next week will finally be better. I’m finding it really difficult to stay motivated through this sickness.

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