oil paintings and photography by Amber Honour


10 Minute Challenge

10 Minute Challenge

For Christmas I received Carol Marine’s book Daily Painting and immediately read it cover to cover. I really enjoyed the book and fell in love with the idea of doing 10 minute challenges. The idea is to divide a canvas or paper into 6 to 8 […]

Selling Art

Selling Art

  This week I posted a handful of paintings for sale in a local Facebook sales group as well as to my personal page. I’m proud to announce that I’ve sold a painting. While it isn’t my first sale, it is my first sale to […]

Framing Art without Brackets

Framing Art without Brackets

I visited the Halele’a Art Gallery in Kaua’i when my husband and I vacationed there summer 2016, and came across an ingenious way to hold the canvas in the frame. The artist or framer (I don’t know which) used strips of canvas in each corner […]

Acquiring New Source Material

I almost feel bad. Almost. I haven’t really posted anything really new to my blog, or really participated in blogging or painting in a few weeks. I was on vacation in Hawaii though, so I don’t feel that bad about it. Now I’m tasking myself […]

How to Photograph Paintings

Photographing art is easy, I promise. The whole process from start to finish takes me less than 5 minutes. There is a lot of information here but don’t let it discourage you. I try to explain the why as well as the how.

Open Mind Exhibit & the Zone

Last week I came across a flyer for Open Mind Art Show & Open Mic inviting local artists to submit work and briefly explain why art is good for their mental health. The art would be on display for one night to the public during an […]

May Update

My birthday was a few days ago. My sister-in-law and best friend, decided that she was going to hang out with me all day and have me teach her to paint. It was a really fun. I wasn’t sure I could talk anyone through a painting, […]

Painted 46 & 2 Times

I was working on this painting on Sunday and … GASP! I repainted the sky. I didn’t want to do this, it just started happening, and then it kept happening. I was completely absorbed in listening to Tool and my hands got away from me. Before I […]

Art Extravaganza

Two weeks ago, my daughter’s school celebrated their annual Art Extravaganza. There was an art walk through the school, an art exhibit, and plays (My daughter performed adorably in her kindergarten play). The school invited parents to contribute art to the art exhibit and auction. […]

Gone Camping

I knew I wouldn’t be able to get a painting done by press time this week. I was away with my family on our annual spring break camp trip for a chunk of last week. I should be able to finish this painting in the next few days though.