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Termination Point

Termination Point

Here are a few photos of Termination Point in Kodiak, Alaska. It is a beautiful hike through mossy forest, assuming you can find the trail. The first time we attempted this hike, we ended up on a game trail that left us a little way […]

An Unexpected Beach Day

An Unexpected Beach Day

These are some older photos taken on a beach in Kodiak, Alaska. It was a rare 80 degree day (very warm when you’re used to wearing a sweater all summer) so everyone who didn’t have somewhere else to be waded into the ocean to cool off.

Pasagshack Beach Sunset #2

You may remember this painting from my posts Current Works in Progress and May Update. It has come a long way since then and taken on a different feeling. While it didn’t come out the way I expected, I like it anyway.

More Progress & The Liebster Award

This is first and foremost a painting blog, so here is this week’s painting update. Try as I might, I just couldn’t get this painting finished. Life has been busy lately and I haven’t had very much time to paint this week. It’s so close! I expect to […]

Fossil Beach

  This painting was a real beast to paint! It seems like most of my paintings are, so I wont get into it. It has been in the works since February. I’ve started and finished several paintings in between because this one refused to come […]

Woman’s Bay

  When I set out to be a better painter, I thought the hard part would be the actual painting. It has turned out that the hardest part about painting is actually sitting down to do it. I’ve really been struggling this last week to […]

Bay Views

I miss Alaska. It’s been 3 years since I left, but I think about it amost daily. When we arrived at our new home, I enjoyed it for a week before wishing I could go home. To my real home. I know most people think […]

Crashing Waves

This painting is part of the cloud series I began last year. While the clouds in this particular painting are not the dominant feature, my goal is to paint a large variety of clouds and wispy distant clouds are still clouds. The main goal of […]