Woman’s Bay


8×10 oil on canvas Woman’s Bay, Kodiak, AK

When I set out to be a better painter, I thought the hard part would be the actual painting. It has turned out that the hardest part about painting is actually sitting down to do it. I’ve really been struggling this last week to sit down and make myself paint. I only actually succeeded in making myself paint for a couple short sessions, but they were at least semi productive.

I’ve always loved this picture, but the placement of the boat always bothered me. I just wished I could go back and retake the picture with better composition, but it was impossible. I’m not good enough in photoshop to do it on the computer, so this picture was an ideal candidate for painting. I initially sketched the boat in its original position and immediately changed it. I feel like it’s a stronger composition now.

Aside from a distinct lack of painting, this week was also filled up by hard work in the garden. The Mr. and I moved a massive pile of manure, installed new fencing, established garden rows, and finally planted some early spring veggies. On top of that, we’re adding to our rabbit colony so we can separate the males and better control breeding. Our spring to do list is dwindling fast.

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