Red Onion Trio Complete

Red Onion Trio Complete

8×8 oil on canvas “Marked Violaceous”

This painting had me stumped for a while. I finished it, including signature, but wasn’t happy with it so I ignored it for a few days. When I went back to it I made everything darker and more defined and it looks much more finished now.



I love all three of these paintings! I think they look great as a group. I can tell that I probably went a little too dark with the first one, but I still like it. It was a good one to start with because it was so simple.


When I finished up “Marked Violaceous,” I immediately started the next still life. This one is in a larger mini series of 9 within the overall still life series. I didn’t take a picture of the burnt umber scrubbed off because my hands were covered in paint, but I really like the ghost image it leaves along with a lightly toned canvas.

One Year of Burnt Umber Arts

This week is the one year anniversary of Burnt Umber Arts. I originally started this blog to motivate myself to more consistently paint and it really worked! I’ve painted more this year than I ever have before and really improved and grew as an artist.

I’ve completed 19 paintings since starting Burnt Umber Arts, which is better than the 10 I completed in the previous year. Those 19 paintings also show an improvement in my abilities too. Comparing paintings completed the first half of the year to ones completed in the second half even, you can see the improvement.

Aside from painting itself, I moved my blog over to self hosted and started a legit small business. I plan on growing the business side of painting more this year so I can make more sales. I only made one sale last year, but that was with minimal marketing and I have an awesome family. Selling that one painting also popped my shipping cherry. I most likely over packed it, but it made it across the country without damage so it was a win.

I also gifted or donated several paintings and that has led to a couple of commissions and potentially a future sale or two.

All in all, I’m really proud of what I’ve accomplished in my first year of blogging. I’ve also really enjoyed getting to know some of my fellow bloggers. I appreciate all of the support and helpful comments they’ve given me this last year. Thank you!

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