The Last Yellow Onion

The Last Yellow Onion
8×8 oil on canvas “The Pungent Sort”


I’m relieved to be done with onions for the moment as this set of 9 onions is now finished. They’re really interesting to paint and far more colorful than I expected. Though, at times I was thoroughly annoyed with all of those colors. For instance, this one has pink, orange, yellow, brown, and purple in the skin and white, grey, green-grey, purple, purple-grey in the rings. And that is probably an oversimplification. I mixed a TON of colors for this onion. It’s possible I have a bad case of “detail-itis.” Anyone else get caught up in the details?

This original painting is available for sale on Etsy and prints are available on Redbubble. To see paintings in progress, check out my Instagram feed.

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