Red Onion Love

Red Onion Love
8×8 oil on canvas “Appreciable Amethystine”

This week’s dramatic onion: “Appreciable Amethystine.” This one is still a tad brighter than I intended, but it was hard to cover up the beautiful bright colors I made. However, my goal to make it striking and dramatic was still met. The onion itself was a breeze to paint, but the delicate onion skin laying about was quite a bit more challenging. It kept leaning toward being very solid-looking and kept losing its lightness. I finally overcame this issue by glazing and really defining the top broken edge.

Overall, I’m really happy with this painting. It might just be one of my favorites. The name? Not so much. I’ve been cracking the thesaurus for names lately. “Red Onion #1” was a bit boring and generic. In a series of 30 paintings it was bound to be even worse. I plan on experimenting a little more with painting names, but it isn’t coming easy. If I could get away with never naming anything I would. It just isn’t practical not to.

The third and final installment of this dramatic red onion mini series has been started and will hopefully be completed in time for next week’s post. Can you see all the dark, brooding emotion? Me neither. 😉 It looks more like an orange with a little leaf still attached and a bit of peel on the side.


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